My name is Elena Honchariuk, and I was born in a family which extremely loves creativity. I'm from a simple town in the Chernivtsi region, Ukraine, Europe.

My dad admires the art. He always read art books and visited art galleries. Even now, he continues to create paintings but only behind closed door. The bold makeup and bright colors in clothes are the way I can describe my mom.

When I was a kid, I was passionate about drawing, but despiting this, my parents considered it wasn't for me. So, I had never been to an art school. Fortunately, my grandma gave me a needle and I could develop my passion for embroidery.

I went to a Medical University to become a pediatrician but art always was present in my life. While studying, I continued to make hand-made hair clips for myself first, then for colleagues, and later I began to have permanent orders.

While working in the hospital, I had no time for creativity. Every day I understood it wasn't my way. Even the opportunity to save children's lives didn't give me what I wanted. This was not my destiny.

I finally decided to dedicate my life to creating beautiful things.

My passion for fashion always use to live with me. I should have shown it to the world. Nowadays, you may see Elena Honch's fashion accessories which give a bright point to every look.

Concentrating on details allows to craft timeless accessories that can be used on both ordinary days and special events.

It isn't only business for me. It is my passion. My love and dedication to art are wrapped in my products.